Feb 09 | 15:30 - 15:55

What should matter to VR: Immersive Media and the Public Sphere

Room: Salle Accenture


Today we know the impact of networked, digital media in cultural production has been vast bringing both opportunities and challenges/threats to creators. We have accessible and cheaper tools of production, but also new incumbents acting as gatekeeping monopolies; we have direct engagement with our audiences, but also major issues regarding privacy and big data; and we have faster and faster broadband but unevenly distributed around the world. This next evolution of technology, called the “final platform” by Oculus Rift’s chief scientist, brings full-blown immersion into this networked digital world we live in. But this next evolution of technology — VR — will also more than likely amplify the pressures that define the Internet as we know it today. How then, do we ensure that we design this “final platform” in a way that addresses these pressures and indeed creates a more inclusive, mindful and intentional media space?